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Zabbix run a detached process Zabbix_agent launched using the procedure

  • Process information
    • Presence of a process
    • Name of the image
    • Quotas: limit and consumption
    • Etc …
  • Device information
    • Number of errors
    • Disc information
    • Available space
    • Number of members present in a shadow
  • File information
    • Presence of a file
    • Number, allocation, size

It is possible to use wildcards

  • Queue manager information
    • Status of the “queue manager”
    • Node on which the queue manager runs
    • “Job_limit” of the “queue”
    • Status of a “queue”
    • Number of jobs in a “queue” for a status
  • Accessibility of a system from the VMS machine
    • Status and use of a network interface
    • Information about the logicals
    • logical name is defined?
    • Value of a logical name
  • Using JSON file to generate automatically items / triggers / graphs, …

For example, to check the presence or the value of logical names.

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